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March 2018 Archives

California whistleblower amends case against Roadrunner

According to court documents, a Madera man amended his civil complaint against Roadrunner Intermodal Services in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California on March 5. The man, who initially sued Roadrunner for wrongful termination, libel, slander and failure to pay wages, added a claim for whistleblower protection under the California Labor Code.

Google faces another lawsuit over internal posts

A Google employee who was terminated in November 2017 filed a lawsuit against the company in a California court. He is seeking lost wages, punitive damages and compensation for emotional distress. He claims that his termination was retaliation for posts defending women of color and similar groups, and he asserts that the termination was discriminatory in nature.

Religion doesn't overrule Title VII

California employers and others cannot discriminate against a worker because he or she is transgender. That was the ruling from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in a case involving a woman who revealed to her boss that she was beginning her transition. The funeral home where she worked terminated her, citing the company owner's religious beliefs. However, the court ruled that Title VII protected transgender workers from discrimination.

Lawsuit claims Google discriminates against white and Asian men

California-based Google has been hit with several accusations of discrimination in hiring that have led to lawsuits. The latest one to be announced alleges that the company avoids hiring white and Asian men in favor of female, black or Hispanic job applicants. The complaint was made in a lawsuit filed by a former Google employee on Jan. 29.

The difference between legal and wrongful termination

Losing a job is one of the major stressors in life. According to one social readjustment rating scale, the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory, being fired from a job comes in at No. 8 on the scale, behind death of a spouse, divorce, separation, going to jail, death of family or friends, suffering a major injury or illness or getting married.

Federal court rules Civil Rights Act protects LGBT workers

Members of California's LGBT community are fortunate to live in a state that legally protects them from workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. Sadly, not every state recognizes that their lesbian, gay and transgender workforces routinely face discrimination in hiring, firing, compensation and promotions.


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