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June 2018 Archives

Wrongful termination case reinstated on appeal

The case of a former Wells Fargo Bank employee from California is moving forward after a federal appeals court panel reinstated her wrongful termination claim. The former loan officer at the major bank had filed her case after she was dismissed from her job as a loan officer at the bank while she was on leave after giving birth to her child. She alleged that Wells Fargo engaged in discrimination and retaliation, violated the California Family Rights Act and that her dismissal was directly related to these discriminatory practices.

Proposed bill targets harassment in the workplace

A California senator is co-sponsoring a bill designed to protect women at work by targeting the imbalance of power between employees and employers. The bill has been called the EMPOWER Act, short for the Ending the Monopoly of Power Over Workplace harassment through Education and Reporting Act. California Sen. Kamala Harris said perpetrators of sexual harassment have created a culture of silence and fear that must end.

Experience range may be subtle indicator of age discrimination

Workers in California who are not hired for a position because of too many years of experience might be able to file an age discrimination claim. One man did so after applying for a job he had previously held as a temp. The company said that although the man met the criteria for the job, someone with years of experience might be inflexible. The man is in his 60s, and the job went to a 36-year-old.

Inappropriate gesture could cost NPS head his job

The new Interior Secretary for the United States came into office promising to have zero tolerance for any type of workplace harassment within his department. This strong stance could soon be tested as the head of the National Park Service is under fire for making an inappropriate gesture in front of other employees. California residents could know the results of the investigation into the matter by the end of June.

Religious discrimination is against the law

Life in the United States comes with many freedoms. For one, people are free to choose and exercise their religion of choice without fear of discrimination. Unfortunately, there are some individuals in this country who have forgotten that this simple right exists.


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