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Workplace harassment is still a common and prevalent issue for many workers. It is illegal for a California workplace to allow harassment based on age, religion, gender or sexuality. You have a right to a workplace free from demeaning, hostile or threatening comments. If you experience workplace discrimination, our law firm can help.

The Law Offices of James E. McGlamery understand how devastating the effect of harassment is for workers. We have seen age discrimination grow, with older employees facing inappropriate questions about their retirement or discriminatory comments about their age. Sexual harassment is also a common problem, with both unwanted propositions and sexual quid pro quo exchanges for promotions or the ability to work. This type of harassment is illegal, and your employer cannot take action against you if you file a case.

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Our attorney has seen how workplace harassment can cause anxiety, depression and a loss of self-esteem. It is especially devastating when a supervisor makes illegal comments about your age, religion or gender. If you are in a hostile work environment, you owe it to yourself to reach out to an attorney who can investigate your case and protect your rights. If your employer fires you because of your age, gender, religion or other protected class, contact us immediately.

Workplace harassment and employment inequality take many forms, and it can be hard to recognize if you have a case. Age-based harassment can include comments about how an employer prefers younger employees or how it is difficult to train older employees. Gender discrimination may include comments about how a job is “man’s work” or “woman’s work.” Religious harassment includes harassment based on religious garb and religious grooming practices.

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Workplace harassment is illegal and can have a serious effect on your mental health. Our law firm has human resources experts, economists and psychologists available to show the effects of workplace harassment. To speak with an attorney and schedule your evaluation, call our law firm at 916-229-8491 or fill out our contact form.