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Gender and sexual preference protections in California

California is a state that has a lot of protections for individuals who aren't protected in many other states. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and queer, or LGTBQ, community is one that enjoys specific protections in this state. It is imperative that anyone who is included in this group, as well as heterosexuals and anyone else who identifies with a specific gender or sexual preference, understands their rights.

The difference between legal and wrongful termination

Losing a job is one of the major stressors in life. According to one social readjustment rating scale, the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory, being fired from a job comes in at No. 8 on the scale, behind death of a spouse, divorce, separation, going to jail, death of family or friends, suffering a major injury or illness or getting married.

Federal court rules Civil Rights Act protects LGBT workers

Members of California's LGBT community are fortunate to live in a state that legally protects them from workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. Sadly, not every state recognizes that their lesbian, gay and transgender workforces routinely face discrimination in hiring, firing, compensation and promotions.

Retaliation isn't lawful after a factual complaint

Employees are sometimes frightened to speak up when things are amiss at work. When there are potentially illegal activities, the employees have every right to speak up. In some cases, these individuals will have a duty to speak up. It is imperative that you don't let fear of retaliation stop you from reporting illegal actions at work.


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