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A Skilled Attorney For Your Wrongful Termination Case

Losing your job because of your age, race, and gender or as a retaliatory action is both illegal and devastating. Losing employment causes both short-term problems and gaps in employment which affect your search for a new position. If you suspect an employer fired you for an illegal reason, gather all documentation and contact an attorney as soon as possible.

The Law Offices of James E. McGlamery has spent over three decades getting workers compensation for their lost income and emotional pain. If an employer fires you, do not sign a severance agreement and contact us so we can start building your case.

A Lawyer With The Resources And Knowledge To Help Your Case

Our Sacramento law firm serves the Northern California community, including Sacramento and Solano counties. We can represent wrongfully terminated private, state and county employees. We have helped clients get their former positions back and obtain the financial relief they deserve.

Our law firm can represent workers fired for many reasons, including:

  • Employers who refused to make reasonable accommodations for disabled employees
  • LGBT folks fired because of their sexuality and gender identity
  • Workers fired because of whistleblowing or complaints filed

Our attorney has represented employers and understands the strategies they use to fight your case. Our office has economists, psychologists and human resource experts available to offer testimony for your wrongful termination case. If you are in a hostile work environment, speaking to an attorney early can save you time and money.

How To Prepare For Your Wrongful Discharge Case

If your employer wrongfully fires you, it is important to gather as much documentation as possible. You have a legal right to request your personnel file from your former employer. We evaluate many factors to determine if your case is viable, including your qualifications, job performance, the length of employment and reason for termination.

Our Northern California Law Firm Is Ready To Start Fighting For You

Over our long career, we have helped many clients recover compensation for their wrongful termination. Our experienced legal counsel can guide your case from start to finish. Speak with our office by calling 916-229-8491 or sending us an email.