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Racial discrimination must never be present in a workplace

On Behalf of | May 7, 2018 | Uncategorized

Employment discrimination isn’t ever acceptable. People can’t control some aspects of their lives, including what race or color they are. There are specific laws that make it illegal for employers to treat people of any color or race differently than others.

Racial discrimination and harassment are huge problems that have plagued America since the days when slavery was the norm here. While some employers still try to discriminate when hiring and promoting, this is never acceptable.

Discrimination from hiring to firing

Employers can’t discriminate against anyone when hiring, promoting or terminating employees. During the hiring process, the employer can’t refuse to hire qualified candidates based on the color of their skin, their ethnicity or race. Once employees are hired, the employer can’t use those factors as reasons to demote them or cut their pay. They can’t be fired for those discriminatory reasons, either.

Harassment is also forbidden

Not only is discrimination forbidden, so is harassment. Disparaging remarks and racial slurs are examples of harassment that isn’t allowed in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if the person of color is the subject of the remarks or events. All that matters is that they were subjected to the atrocious behavior. Verbal remarks, printed materials and any other forms of communication that are related to the workplace must be kept free of this type of act.

Not only supervisors

Some people believe that employers are only responsible for how their employees behave. This isn’t the case. They are also responsible for making sure that vendors and customers don’t discriminate or harass employees. Essentially, the employee’s entire working experience should be free from discriminatory or harassing behavior. There must be clear guidelines in place that specify that none of these negative acts will be tolerated.

Procedures must be in place

Every employer should have a procedure in place for workers to report harassment and discrimination, including racially-biased events. It doesn’t matter who is being harassed or discriminated against or who is doing it. Everyone who works for the company should know where to turn and what to do if these events occur.

Employees must be able to file complaints about racially-charged events without having to worry about retaliation as long as the report is factual. If employers don’t take action to stop and rectify the situation or if they retaliate against the employee, the victim might be able to pursue legal action.